FreezeFrame Studios

Capturing You In The Moment. Freezing Yourself In Time.

FreezeFrame Studios evolved from the blueprint of ShiningVisuals. ShiningVisuals began a small hobby of photography in the local DMV and Tri-State area. Though, as I took more photos, gained more confidence, and inquired more clientele, ShiningVisuals took on a whole new trajectory. By the summer of 2021, I began taking photos for events, funerals, churches, individuals, and portraits. My hobby slowing began becoming my passion. It wasn't until April 2023 that I realized my hobby was becoming my business. I reflected on the countless birthday's, Greek events, nature flics, and more that I had perfected my craft over the span of three years. 

FreezeFrame Studios was founded on April 23rd, 2023 with the goals to provide my clients with great communication, great quality, great transparency, and to capture those timeless moments. I believe in forming authentic, transparent, and honest relationships with my clients and crafting an eternal experience. With excellent customer service and years of photography photoshoots, editing, and design, I will ensure that the best time, energy, and effort, is provided for each photoshoot service that I provide.

My core clientele is to capture the liveliness, humanity, emotion, and feeling of my clients and in particular, my Black clients. My approach to each project is committed to not only providing the best quality but capturing and freezing a moment, experience, reaction, and emotion into one timeless frame.

My Equipment:

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Nigel Durand

CEO and Photograghper