At FreezeFrame Studios, your privacy is important. Please read the Privacy Policy that outlines and indicates the ways your personal information is managed.

Crafting the Photoshoot


There are several requirements requested by FreezeFrame Studios photogrpagher it order to ensure and provide top of the line service. These are negotiable in the consultation.

These are the following required for service:

Payment Conditions:

A consultation fee of $25 is required after the booking of the consultation and/or prior to the consultation with FreezeFrame Studios (Nigel Durand). This is non-negotiable. During the consultation 50% of the total agreed service payment must be paid prior to the physical photoshoot service commencing. After the photoshoot service has ended, 100% of the total agreed payment amount is due. The following items from the photoshoot service will not be handed to the client if 100% payment is not made to FreezeFrame Studios (Nigel Durand): 

If a payment is not paid within one hour after the photoshoot service, an invoice will be sent to the client. If the balance continues to go unpaid, a $25 interest charge will be added to the balance, per day.

Crafting the Photoshoot Service Terms and Conditions:

All clients agreeing to paying for consultations, photoshoot bookings and service, and any and all additional fees and charges from FreezeFrame Studios must adhere to the following terms and conditions.


There will be a confidential relationship between FreezeFrame Studios and clients. Information concerning FreezeFrame' and/or's businesses affairs, vendors, third-parities, properties, methods of operation, documentation, photographer, and other such information whether written, oral, or otherwise, is confidential in nature. FreezeFrame Studios, and photographer of both will adhere fully to this confidentiality agreement.


Both FreezeFrame Studios and clients must agree to non-competition regarding their respective entity. Neither entity will attempt to take any clients from the other entity for any reason whatsoever. Any clients information will be kept confidential within the studio and will be used for the sole purpose of performing the agreed upon services.

Files and Copyrights

Clients will retain all sources files including their copyrights. No royalty fees will need to be paid to FreezeFrame Studios for their use.

Photo Service Editing and Updates

Payment Conditions:

Note: Editing is only provided after the photoshoot service in combination with the quantity selection of photos, fees attached can be found here

Turnaround Time:

Basic and/or non-complex editing of photos can take between 1-4 business days (including weekends) to complete from the day to day request was submitted and all content needed to complete the editing are received. 

Challenging and/or complex editing of photos can take in addition to the 1-4 business days (including weekends), 1-7 business days (excluding weekends). 

To reach out for editing services, please contact FreezeFrame Studio photographer, Nigel Durand through email.

Basic editing include (if not requested):

Note: These edits are determined by the quantity of photos desired listed in the Contract under the "Quantity and Photo Selection" section. 

All request for editing after 8PM EST will be put into the editing queue for the follwing business day.

Same Day Urgency

All requests for consultation, photoshoot booking, and editing that are requested for completion on the same day as the request, will incur a $75 rush fee. Same day requests must be received by 2PM EST during business hours. If an emergency technical situation occurs that severely impacts the functionality and accessibility of the edits a rush fee will not be required.


Payment Conditions:

Clients that request a cancellation of project booking and/or consultation will be reimbursed/ The cancellation of the consultation after booking can receive reimbursement if the consultation is cancelled 2 hours after booking. The cancellation of a photoshoot booking will not receive reimbursement of the consultation. All photoshoot consultations and booking will be halted. Additionally, all client information will be not released not deleted until requested by the client.

Changes and Delays

Late Fees:

All past due invoices will incur a $25 interest rate on top of the invoice due date. Non-payment of invoices will result in holding and deletion of photos or a delay in receiving any files associated with corresponding service

Note: All policies may be subject to change as deemed necessary FreezeFrame Studios. Clients with active services (meaning the consultation happened or is planned) during policy changes will adhere to the policies that were in place upon change. An email will go out to all Clients whenever terms and conditions, policies, and privacy policy change.